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Studies report an astounding open rate of 98% for text messaging! And, 90% of those are read within 3 minutes.

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What KUKUI Text Connect can do for you:

Desktop Texting

Customers respond to text messages, but you don’t want your team members to use their personal phones for business texting. By eliminating business texting on personal cell phones, you will increase sales and support productivity while improving security. Text messages are crafted and sent right from your desktop through the KUKUI Control Panel, directly to your customer’s cell phone.

Text Marketing

Send campaign-based text messages to opt-in customers with special offers, announcements, or other messages. This will help increase customer engagement and retention, as well as maintain relevance for the shop. Text marketing messages are intended as a “bay-filler” to send out quick announcements and specials for an instant reaction. No matter what the reason is, KUKUI makes communicating with your customers easy and efficient.

Text Reviews - Get more 5-Star Reviews

Kukui Reviews detects when a customer has concluded a repair, automatically sending them an email or text message to leave your shop feedback. Receiving a regular stream of quality reviews on Google is one of the most important ranking factors for local SEO. 

Two-Way Customer Messaging by Text

Connect SMS allows automotive repair shops to easily carry on real-time conversations with customers and shop employees using a desktop computer, or a mobile app.  How long someone has to wait for a response from your shop makes all the difference in building a relationship, closing business, and delighting a valued customer.

 Why Do I Need More Reviews?
Everyone likes getting 5-Star Reviews, but did you know that receiving a regular stream of quality reviews on Google is one of the most important ranking factors for local SEO. 

It’s estimated that of the 200+ ranking factors in Google’s search engine algorithm, almost 10% of the total weight accounts for online review signals such as: Review Quantity, Review Velocity and Review Diversity (4-Stars Count too). 

Plus posting a regular stream of new reviews on your website provides you fresh new content which is also a key to Local SEO success.
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